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Best paint on clear coat?


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I am looking for a good matte paint on clear coat. I have a spray on that is crappy. It leaves behind a milky sort of color and doesnt completely protect my models color like it should. Whats the best? I dont care much about price I want something that protects and hardens like it should!

How can I test if I ihave enough protective coat? I tried scratching but then I scratch paint off! AGH! obviously not enough overcoat but I dont want to put more of that crappy stuff on.

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I have had bad luck with the krylon. Never like them especially for tagging...but thats another day.

I have some gloss Ill use but like I said im afraid of getting the white patches on it. I dont know what it is really and its quite confusing. It didnt add enough protection iether. maybe I didnt add enough coats but if I did more white stuff came up.

Im just nervous about ruining minis thats all

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