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What's it like to be a Dreamer?


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The Dreamer appeals to me, in a different sort of way to Leve that I have been going on about...

But what are the pro's / con's of playing this master?

How does he play in reality (read things on Pullmyfinger, and such but would like people's views)?

What is he like in his different forms, are they both good?

What is his avatar like?

Any other comments?

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I think if you can weed through both the "power players" opinions of him, and also the people who have been skorned by him... he's actually a pretty cool master. my girlfriend LOVES his fluff, so in the heat of all the dreamer hate, i encouraged her to try him out... she did and seems to like him.

she avoided all his "filth" lists, and instead went with some of the more powerful but less cheesey minions... i think she had his box set with the twins instead of copellious... she had fun, although ran into a few problems... but who doesn't on their first run?

as for the avatar... while i haven't seen it in action, reading the book, i love it. there are those who hate it, or think it's kind of fun, but not really a good fit... i disagree... i think (if you're coming from a liking the fluff and interesting twist on the game sort of way0 that it fits him perfectly.

just my two cents... honestly i've only ever played against the kid.

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There are lots of "we hate the Dreamer" threads as he would seem to be overpowered. However, with the changes to Bury (which is an interesting thread to read) I am wondering if this will change how the Dreamer is played, played against and so forth, thus affecting his "power level" in the game.

I haven't any of the books outside the downloaded rules, so I have only the bits of fluff I can garner from the Malifaux website and others. But from what I have read, his fluff sounds fun what with summoning weird little nightmares, daydreams, and other freaky stuff. Plus there is the BIG LCB which just sounds great to.

All not so bad for a little freaky child.

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How does the "Dreamer Hop" work?

Originally, you activated the dreamer, companioned two daydreams, brought a daydream forward 6", magical extension'd Frightening Dream to unbury Chompy 6" ahead, used Calm Dreams to replace him with the dreamer, then had the dreamer either fly forward and replaced himself with Chompy or unburied any number of nightmares, including Chompy, with All My Friends. Chompy then activated, ate some faces, used the All Done trigger to get replaced by the Dreamer (or, alternatively, companied a Daydream the dreamer had just unburied, then the daydream would replace Chompy with the Dreamer and bury himself or fly away). The final daydream, the second one you had activated at the very beginning and who hadn't done anything yet, unburied Chompy right next to him and replaced him with the Dreamer. So you had Chompy appearing in your opponent's deployment zone then getting back to complete safety in your own deployment zone.


Now Frightening Dream can only unbury non-master nightmares, so the only way for the dreamer to get Chompy out is to use Nightmare friend, and the only way for a daydream to bring Chompy out is to sacrifice itself. This makes a long-range dreamer hop a much more risky strategy since you'll have to sacrifice two daydreams to be able to do it.

Ninja'd. Ratty, I wish to marry your brain. Is this legally allowed?

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