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Another Proxy Request

Guild Lawyer

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Right. I started on a Lucius crew originally, but the Great God Procrastination (with his fell cohort Scottish AH Prelims and Visits to Universities) intervened, and I have the Lucius box set sitting as assembled, de-flashed white metal on my table, and a collection of a few other things. Now I have a bit more time on my hands, I am getting back to something like work, I am overhauling the entire theme.

I need a counts-as Lady Justice and Death Marshals. The theme of the crew, chiefly drawn from Lucius' very 1700s-1800s appearance, is the high officials of the Guild and their troops, who I envisage as something like the General Oblation board in His Dark Materials, aristocratic/bureaucratic, but timed for Malifaux (I think, Malifaux is away from Earth much of the time, things will have crystallised to a degree in the elite, e.g. powdered wigs and frock coats are still worn). Carnevale and things like it provide lots of gentlemen, but I need to expand a bit and want advice.

For Lady Justice, I need some sort of aristocratic lady (obviously) but, not being too rude, I hope, it is difficult to find a miniature of one suitably modestly dressed, e.g.:


While a very nice miniature, surely a high official of the Guild would be a bit more dignified? I thought perhaps a modified version of this:


But, again, a bit more restraint would be welcomed.

Laying Lady J to one side for a minute, I need to differentiate between Guild Guard, the ordinary troops of the Guild, and my Death Marshal proxies, some sort of elite crack troops or more likely personal guards.

A more elaborately Victorian Warden is probably called for amongst other things, but that can wait.

This is a very long, rather dull post, but in short, does anyone have any tips fitting in a Lucius-styled crew?

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