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Kirai collection opinions/tips wanted please


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Hopefully you're not fed up with my asking noob stuff yet. ;)

I'm just starting to collect my first ever Crew and so far my collection is the Spirits of Vengence box, 2 Gaki and the Lost Love. My local shop was out of Seishin so I'm waiting for a restock to get myself 4 more. What I'm interested in is what do fellow collector consider important for their collection in order to manage Kirai. So far I have gathered that for a basic game I need the maximum number of SSeishin in my collection as it would be foolish not to have them. But what about Onryo, and Gaki? At the moment I only have two of each but I can imagine that 6 Gaki wouldn't be over the top in a "reasonable" collection and maybe another couple of Onryo. What other spirits and numbers would veterans recommend?

Many thanks in advance.


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Things you will want in your Kirai Collection:

(5) Seishin, this is absolutely required, you cannot play Kirai at all effectively if you don't have access to multiple Seishin. You might in the future upgrade to 10 of them, but only if you intend to play Brawls, as they are rare 5.

Lost Love


(1) Canine Remains

(1) Desperate Mercenary

(2) or More Onryo

(4) or More Gaki

(2) Shikome, you can get by with 1, but some ways to play are better served with 2

(2) Insidious Madness, this is the minimum number you want. You might not always use 2, but when you want to you WANT them to be available.


Jack Daw.

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Insidious Madness make for a good psuedo-Night Terror until you can get them, though. I also usually find 3 to be the optimal number of Night Terrors in most situations... but they come in packs of 2 so you'll wind up with 4.

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"(2) or More Onryo"

I would definitely lean more toward the More in that statement. I played a game last week and ended up having to proxy a 3rd Onryo multiple times in a single game.

Everything else mentioned is spot on in my opinion even if I am just starting Kirai myself.

I still need to pick up a second blister of Night Terrors and Gaki then I should be set for awhile.

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I personally find 4 Onryo to be optimal, and have used all of them before. If you want a Jack Daw + Box + Lost Love + Seishin list...

Ressurectionists Crew - 35 - Scrap

Kirai Ankoku
7 Pool

Lost Love [2ss]

  • Datsue-Ba

  • Jack Daw

  • Onryo

  • Seishin

  • Seishin

  • Seishin

  • Seishin

You are going to use Swirl Spirits. A lot.

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