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First Crew ever painted!


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Nice! How many SS is that painted up? Nico is my favorite. And I like what you did with him. Nice and dark. I can tell you like him best because he certainly came out just a cut above the others. And rightfully so seeing as he is your master and the most time should be spent on him. Grats on painting up a faction! If you want to make these models pop a bit more there is an easy thing you can do to their bases....

Remove all the rocks from the base and get beach sand. Fine grain. If you don't want to steal from the beach or you just don't live around one you can buy a 5lb bag of sand that will last you the rest of your life and you can even pass it down throughout your family! lol

Take some elmers glue and paint it on the base and literally dip the models base into the sand. Wait at least one hour for this to dry. Do not get any on the model. If you do it's no biggie as you can simply remove and sand that sticks to him.

Then ink or take black paint and water it down and ink the sand until it is black. (this step can be skipped if you prime black and you do this before you prime the model. This is recommended).

Wait for that to dry (which if you did this before priming your model the primer would act as the black ink and you would be able to entirely skip this step). Then take your color of choice. You chose brown. Start with a dark brown equivalent to GW's Scorched brown and heavily cry brush it over the black sand. You can start with a lighter color if you wish. After that go with whatever lighter brown you desire and dry brush a bit lighter. Maybe a grave yard earth or a bestial brown type color. Then finally lightly (I can't stress this enough) go over with a bleached bone or bone color).

This basing method is extremely easy and will bring your models to life. You can do this with any color you wish just start dark and work up. Greays for a stone feel or city street feel. And finally when all is complete and if you desire take static grass of your choice of color and or snow if you are going for a winter theme and paint with a paint brush little pockets of elmers glue on the base over the finished product of sand. Then sprinkle the static grass over the model and blow the excess off. This entire procedure takes about 3-5 minutes so it is not time consuming at all. If you would like I can post a tutorial.

Now that that is done with, grats on Nico and friends. I pick mine up Tuesday and you better believe he is the first one to see paint! Awesome job friend! Keep em coming! Seeing people actually paint their models is inspiring and I get a lot of ideas from it. Also seeing them painted on the board makes the game sooooooooo much better! I envy you ...grrrr lol

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Well done, keep going it will only get better from here on in.:1_Happy_Puppet1:

Good basing advice from Kuwanger, its easy and fun, when the snow is gone (if you even have any) look around for small stone and tiny twigs for future stuff.

I usually use playground sand vs beach as its has more texture, Kitty litter is easy for rubble and to dry brush, Cork is good for rocks and all sort of things, and flock you can make from saw dust and paint ( I sell a bunch to locals here for real cheap and its just as good as GW stuff; though I still can't make Static grass)

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For basing used ballast for train scenery, I work at HobbyTown USA so stuff is easy to come by. I like the basing advice and will use it on further models I get. I still have some work to spruce up the bases on these models. It will be a bit difficult to remove the rocks as the a painted and super glued (didn't have elmers glue and was in a time crunch to finish them for a little paint contest)

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Oh and SS wise that is just the box set and a clam of MZs so like 25 SS with 6 ss pool :)

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