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"New Blood" Beginner's Tourney; March 25th in Prince Geroge, BC, Canada


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Our first ever Malifaux tournament at the new location!

30ss SCRAP


All proceeds to fund prize support.

Rounds: 3

Round Time Limit: 100 Minutes (including setup)

Scoring Format: Domination TP/DIFF/VP

Pairings Format: Tournament Points (TP) Primary

Deployment Type: Standard

Encounter Location/Special Features: Preset

Strategy Selection: Fixed Shared

Scheme Usage: Unique

Encounter Size: 30ss

Leader Selection: Fixed

Hiring: Single Faction, Open Crew

See tournament information package for additional details.

12 spots available.


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Prizes have been finalized!

1st Place: $10 ArGH gift certificate (GC) + a new copy of Twisting Fates (Book 3)

2nd Place: $10 ArGH GC + WYR5067 Sue (Outcast model, new in clamshell)

3rd Place: $10 ArGH GC

Best Sportsmanship: $10 ArGH GC + Bag o' Soulstones

Best Painted: $10 ArGH GC + Rosemary & Co. Kolinsky Sable brush, Series 33 size 0

1st place, sports and painted will also receive a spiffy framed certificate proclaiming said individual's general superiority and inherent radness.

... and of course, the dreaded Wooden Spoon for last place, also known as the "Thanks fer Comin' Out!" award. Even if you're out of the running for a top spot, you fight 'til your last breath to AVOID "winning" the Spoon. ;)

As you can see, we've done our best to share the wealth. Armoury Games & Hobbies (ArGH) has been very generous and as a result the $5 entry has gone a long way. Thanks again Chris! We couldn't do it without your support.

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The tourney went off without a (major) hitch! We ended up with 10 players, breaking into the double digits for the first time ever in a Malifaux-related event.

Below, some random pics I took with my iPhone. I'll have a much better photo gallery up somewhere, at some point. One of the players provided a very high end camera (thanks Kevin!), which I made gratuitous use of. Just waiting for him to cherry pick the best results.

Round 1:


"The Irrate Bog" table:


"Town Square" table:


"40k Nightmare" table:


Kaeris and the Vik:


A Gunsmith supporting Raspy:


Misaki brings a Glaive to a gun fight:


December Acolyte, just showing off:


Most of the models were painted to a very decent standard. This being a noob tournament, I was expecting basic assembly and maybe primer. I was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks again to Kevin for bringing so much beautiful terrain, to Jason for building and lending his Terraclips AND setting up a laptop for the round clock/crew builder, and of course to Chris at Armoury Games & Hobbies for providing a venue and generous prize support.

Homemade prizes to supplement the gift certificates and product:


No pics of the winners (my bad), but here's how it all panned out after three rounds of play:

1st Place: Jason (Perdita) (that's two in a row for this guy)

2nd Place: Glen (Zoraida/Collodi) (he later apologized)

3rd Place: Colin (Lilith)

Best Sportsmanship: Colin (he only THINKS he's a dick)

Best Painted: Al (awesome Snow Storm, no pics on my phone dammit)

Wooden Spoon: Carl (Raspy) (he was a very good about it!)

I had an extra bag of soulstones which went to Peter, who had never played a single game of Malifaux prior to signing up last minute. The "Stones of Steel" award. He didn't even come in last!



My first ever tournament as TO. I had a great time. CHEERS!

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Very cool, glad it went so well.

How did you make your spoon?

It's funny, the spoon ended up being the most expensive of the homemade prizes. The certificates were about $3 each ($1 to print, $1.50 for the frames, plus taxes). The spoon cost me $2 at a second hand store. I then brought it to a local place that does engraving and trophies. $2 for the round plate and $5 for the lettering ($5 minimum, so I squeezed on as much lettering as I could). I attached the plate with a blob of green stuff and Zap-a-Gap.

I'm thinking I might buy one of those big ass novelty spoons you see hanging in kitchens, assuming I can get it on the cheap. I'll then have the "winner" sign it with a felt tip marker when he "earns" the distinction. Then we'll display it in the store. Probably cheaper in the long run!


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I can add to the "well done" to Hatchethead. He did a great job keeping us on task and on time, and we all felt the 100 minute rounds worked very well. And your most welcome for the use of my scenery; it's been a long time since I've had a chance to use that much of it at once!


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Thanks guys. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, so I'm prepared to call it a success.

Vile, I'm not entirely sure what I'll do for terrain if you can't make a future tourney. The store has a ton of scenery, don't get me wrong, but man you need a LOT for 5+ tables of Malifaux. Plus your stuff is so theme perfect.

Norgak (our Best Painted winner), you and everyone who fielded sexy minis, you've really made me appreciate the value of a painted model. Seeing two fully painted crews throwing down on awesome terrain, it really elevated the experience ... and I wasn't even playing.

I showed a bunch of our tourney photos to a friend who isn't a war gamer and he was impressed; said he wished he'd known what it was, he would have come to watch for a bit. It's the first glimmer of interest he's shown in minis, and I've been trying to sell him on the hobby for years.

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