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30 SS Tourney Raleigh, NC April 15th


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Attention citizens of Malifaux,

By order of the Lucius, under-secretary to the Governor General, all citizens are hereby required to submit a deTailed account of their financial dealings over the previous year. These documents are to be submitted by the 15th of April.

Please deliver the required documents to the nearest Guild agent in a timely fashion to prevent any lawlessness on the final day.

The Taxman Cometh…..

30 SS Malifaux tournament

$10 entry fee

Fixed master with a 50 SS pool to choose minions from

Each round will be a set shared strategy which will be revealed before each round. Each round will also have a surprise.

No schemes will be disallowed. However, schemes will be unique for the tournament so may only be chosen once by each player.

The tournament will use the accumulation format from the gaining grounds rules document.

Rounds will be 90 min. in length, with a 1 hr. lunch break after round 2.

All participants are also asked to bring a separate 30mm based model. This model should be easily identifiable and is not included in your 50 SS pool.

To sign up,

 go to www.meetup.com/Game-Theory

 Sign up in-store

 Email jaybarlekamp@hotmail.com

 PM JayBarlekamp on wyrd-games.net

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