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Malifaux tournament at Itzacon, Galway.


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I'll be running a 3 round 30SS Malifaux event at Itzacon (horray!) on the 9th of March. We'll kick-off at 5pm in the main hall of Aras na Mac Leinn building (its right beside the collage bar, can't miss it) and play until 11pm when we'll be kicked-out - and into the pub. There will be a 30-45 minute break after round 1 to get dinner and beer, or just top up on beer.

Entry will be 3euro for anyone with the weekend/wargaming pass, or 5e to just attend this event. The rulespack is attached below. Any question feel free to pm me. I have a couple of spare crews and decks (of which Hugh has already booked Seamus...) so if you want to attend for the laugh I may be able to accommodate you on a first-come first-to-book-a-crew basis.

Use this thread to sign up, so throw down your name below.

Itzacon 2012 Malifaux rulespack.doc

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