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clocks...without clock parts?


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So I have been working on basing my C hoffman construct crew all day today (and a bit of yesterday) and went to antique shop to get some watches. Then I went to big lots and another antique shop to look for clocks to bust open to get some gears.

Well after getting them open i was sad to see that NONE of them came with any gears inside of them. Save for a few cheap plastic ones which I will be using. Other than that some parts are usable and will look cool but others...not so much.

How can I get gears and parts without a huge cost? And without buying anymore clocks.

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Try a watch parts search on Amazon: they are used in Steampunk jewelry making. Originally I was going to use Skullcrafts, but their price per ounce was Significantly higher than the asking price on Amazon.

As for cannibalizing machines for parts, also try printers. I have a few old ones that I've been meaning to break open, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. They will probably be plastic, but once they are painted no one will notice.

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