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Exorcist...beware the Rogue Necromancy!


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So I got to play two games using Sonnia and the Exorcist (and others) against ressers this weekend. I learned two things...

1) The exorcist, while fantastic against just about everything reser, can do nothing significant to stop a rogue necromancy.


2) I really suck with Sonnia...

So in the game, I'm playing my exorcist and move up the board with the rest of my crew. Out pops McMourning and slams down a rogue necromancy within 7" of the exorcist. I'm thinking - terrific! Here I am with a strong undead and a strong undead countermodel! I've even got the 13 of crows in my hand.

My opponent then reminds me the necromancy is "superior dead" so it can ignore things that affect undead like...banish to oblivion. Or even turn undead, or ... well just about everything on the exorcist's card. I thought, "well poo...not such a great exorcist are you?"

I tried activating a different model to just kill the necromancy (nino headshot) but he had the cards to chuck so that didn't work.

Next turn the necromancy moved up and hit the exorcist once for moderate damage...which also poisoned the exorcist...who died from the poison when he activaed later that turn.

So the moral of the story is, while the exorcist is great against alot of undead....


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Haha, that sounds pretty similar to my game last night with the same matchup.

Start of turn 2 and a rogue necromancy was summoned into melee with Sonnia, Guardian and a deathmarshall, with the Exorcist about 6" away. I also imediately thought I'd turn undead and then exorcise him away (I only had 12 of crows on my hand though :P ). Then was informed of the superoir undead ability..

I killed it over two rounds however, with Sonnia performing really well in melee and draining my oponents hand, so it didn't have that major impact on the game. The exorcist was actually the one doing the killing blow, with his Slow to Die-action, and triggering Final Repose so no counters for the doctor.

I ended up losing the game bigtime, but also more because of my own errors with playing guild. Not saying that to diminish my oponent, he played well, but I do feel I make too many bad activations when I play guild..

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One of my niggles with Malifaux is that there are a lot of models built with abilities to counter specific model types, and on the few occasions when you *do* fight those specifics model types, they have an ability that ignores their counters.

It's true of terrifying, true of effects that need living targets, true of guys that need corpse counters, and true of some constructs and undead.

Bit silly really.

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Get McTavish to stand across to your Exorcist =D

Edit: only vs McMourning of course, because you know it limits the Rogue Necromancy in that you can a) obey it, and B) get +damage flips on it; and lets the Exorcist do what he wants vs any other summons. Bit hard to do if you only know they play resers =P

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@Calmdown and Bigkid:

It was one of those learning moments for me. I'm not totally down on the Exorcist, or how the game plays, but it did come as kind of a shock at just how neutered I felt. I mean, I had done things "right" in my mind. Usually, if you make your opponent show up (slow) about 6-7 inches in front of your crew, and you have models left to activate, you can deal with it. Ortegas can gun it down. Constructs can engage (and maybe toss or drag it). Death Marshals can bury it. I made the wrong assumption that the exorcist would have SOMETHING useful to do to it, since it was undead afterall. Found myself wishing I was just about any other model, since a damage profile 1/2/3 isn't that stunning.


The second bullet point is the more important one. I'm really having trouble getting good with Sonnia (the master I'm focusing on right now). I keep forgetting special rules, but more importantly - as you stated - I don't feel like I do a good job managing her crews' action points and activations. It's like there are too many things they can do and I'm still learning when it's the right time to do them. It doesn't help that hindsight is 20/20 and I look back after a turn is done and say, "I don't like how the table looks...I should have played that whole turn differently."

My first master was Hoffman. I'm starting to think that Hoffman was easier to play than Sonnia or Perdita, despite all the podcasts that suggest to new players to avoid Hoffman as a first master.

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