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One Dayer or Two Dayer in Stockport for the weekend of 14th/15th April?


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You'll get me up on a Sunday, not that I am the most important folk in the world. I would go sick at work and come up all weekend, but there are 4 people who can do a certain job at work, (the regular guy and 3 cover, of which I am one of,) and the other 3 are on leave that week. So if I skip the Saturday, then basically the post office in Redditch fails for a weekend.

Funnily enough the week after, and I could play for 8 straight days, with a weeks leave.

Anyway Sunday is best for me, of the above options.

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I think there's 5 or 6 two day events in the calendar and nothing much in the way of one days. There's only so many full weekends in a year I can get a permission slip for, and I've just about used my quota. I can't promise I'll make this if it's a 1-day, but I definitely can't if it's a 2-day.

Voted for either day.

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