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Knights of Malifaux - Player Made Project

Kael Hate

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The freemen, plagued by the Guild who tax them, bossed by the unions, attacked by the Ressers and Neverborn alike, they have no freedom, even to die. They toil day after day to make a meagre living. This was supposed to be a new world with new opportunity but instead it is a new hell. From these freemen a new breed of killers awoke. Killers who earn a living protecting the innocent. If they could not live free, they would kill so others can live free.

The Knights

Boss - Middle aged and versed in tactical combat, Boss is the leader of the Kniights. He uses a stick fed Tommy Gun as a primary weapon. Also carries a Grenade Launcher, Combat Knife, and Automatic pistol as sidearm. Boss' presence organises the Knights enabling them to work cohesively getting the job done.

Dane aka Long Shot - A Sniper with a custom rifle. Dane doesn't have the skills of Hans, but makes up for that with a Overloaded grain round, patience and the ability to sneak forward. He carries a Luger modified for full auto as a defensive side arm and always avoids the melee combat if possible.

Edgar aka Fatman - Now, more construct than man, Edgar has undergone an almost entire body replacement. He carries a gas powered Gatling Gun and known to waste hundreds of rounds spraying the enemy while laughing. Mentally unstable, Edgar often shrugs small arms fire.

Duncan aka Highlander - A crazy Scott. Duncan uses a double barrel sawnoff shotgun defensively and a machine pistol on the assualt. Duncan is extremely mobile but quite at home defending. Famed for blowing the head from a charging mature Nephilim saving a young mother and child.

Whisper - Ninja? a spellcaster with powers of obfuscation. Whisper is rumored to be ex-freikorps librarian. He uses Magic and a Katana

Hatchetman - Beserker and Madman. Somehow still has his heart in the right place. Raised by the ressers, augmented by arcanist and guild tech. A Steampunk Zombie of the nastiest kind. Trademark Hatchet and melee combat but still uses a pistol when required. Four armed and capable of leaping meters the Hatchetman is a fearsome sight.

Archer - Part american indian, no-one knows how he got to malifaux. He still uses a Bow and knife. Sometimes adds a tnt payload to make an arrow go BOOM.

This group is based on the samurai seven or magnificent seven in a Malifaux world. I'd like to share them with the community as I flesh them out. Its all a bit of fun so keep critism to improvements. Any ideas generated here are free for Wyrd to use at their own discretion.

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A new Talent for all

Boss -


Tactical: After a player has made an activation, discard a control card to return activation priority to that player.


(1) Move it: Target a friendly Mercenary in sight. The Target may immediately take a Walk Action.

Fatman -


(-1) Slow

(+2) Ranged Master


Df(:rams) Shrug Off: After this model is wounded by a Ranged strike or melee strike from a Gunfighter: Make a Flip to reduce Wounds.

Archer -


Out of ShadowsRecon: Friendly Models that can see Archer can see anything Archer can see. This does not allow a model to perform a ranged strike against a blocked target.

Highlander -


Gunfighter [sawnoff]

Stop-up: This model if not already engaged may make a melee strike against any opponent who moves into this models melee range.

Long Shot -


Lightweight: This Model does not cause engagement on other models and does not inflict disengaging strikes.

Hide: Before deployment, secretly note a terrain feature. Do not deploy this model as normal. After the opponent has deployed, deploy this model to the noted location. Until this model is moved, he is considered in Soft Cover and Defensive Stance.

Hatchetman - Undead, Construct


Diving Attack

Whisper -


Arcane Receptical


(0) Shadow Form

(CC: 10 :masks /Rst: - /Rg: C) This Model gains Spirit until its next Activation.

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Whilst I like the flavour to a certain extend, I'm not too sure about automatic weapons in Malifaux. Maybe they could have a chance to jam or overheat, meaning they can't be fired until next activation or something. Might occur when flipping a joker or after dealing severe damage?

Other than that I really like the idea of another crew based mostly on unique characters like the Ortegas or the Lacroix-Gremlins.

Do you have something in mind for Hatchetman's fluff though? I can hardly imagine a ressurected, bewitched dude hanging out with the rest of the crew 'cause he's met them in a bar the other day. Maybe he's the related to one of them? Or Whisper's Sensei, being forcefully returned from the dead?

I could picture them being outcasts, but maybe with a connection to the M&SU...just like the Seven fought for villagers. Wouldn't happen to have a fitting idea for that connection though.


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