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My Desolation Engine - sculpted from scratch (WIP)


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So as much as I like Wyrd minis, I am not a huge fan of the Desolation Engine. Don't know why - it's a fine figure I guess, just doesn't do it for me.

So I decided to sculpt my own from scratch. Here's the result so far:


He will have a spindly robotic left arm, to emphasize the lopsided asymmetry of the guy (thanks to his oversized right arm) - plus the overall wrongness of the model I want to convey. His huge right arm will have metal braces and assists etc to bulk it out even further. Lastly I am sure I will add some haphazard hoses and pipes and such all over the guy as well.

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I know you're not done (and it's looking great so far, btw), but, um, I assume he won't have the, er, "massage configuration" for his right hand when you're done?

Levi: "And now you know how the Waifs become Hollow..."

I'm sorry. I had to say it.

It really is great work and the finished product will look awesome at this rate, but I couldn't resist...

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