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A short Terraclips batrep :)


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So I had a mate over for a first Terraclips try out, and i must say it was fun!

I tried to have a lay-out which minimised having models above each other, and although it did happen it was fine as the sections to lift were small.

We had to lay some terrain rules: walls are Ht3 so if you fall down from a higher level it's a Dg flip unless you (2) jump, all doors require a (1) to open/close, but doors don't interfere with LoS once open (it would have gotten a little too difficult otherwise).

For an all living match up (Macus Vs Viks), the first thing which showed was Terraclips impact on Reconnoiter as well as Deliver a Message: completely changed the feel of it in a better way: models can hide in corners up and down, and chasing them is much harder than on a flat terrain, much more fun! We also guessed that playing spirits on such a board might prove a little boring (yet to be confirmed) because it'd be way too easy to go through everything (we thought we would have to have some "magic buildings" where spirits can't go through but using the doors, just to teach them civilities...).

It was great fun and required a bit more thinking, very happy with the product. Only downside it that it took me 3h to build the board, but I recon that when they release the map software and you can plan and print your layouts ahead (with which clip to use) it will take no longer than 30min to build.

The crews are setting up: standard deployment Viks have Reconnoiter + secret Kill protege on Rogue Necro and Stake a claim on the well

Marcus has Deliver Message + Marcus scheme and Hold out








Gun Vik takes position above the well to gun down anyhting that comes


Marcus and crew move forward but Rogue Necro is shot dead by Vonschill perched on a close by roof


Other Vik and Librarian take the central building, while the dogs go and open the way downstairs



Marcus shows up behind the doors to surprise sword Vik. She takes initiative but fails to kill him, he then Delivers his message and goes away to kill the right flank of Ronin and Gunslinger with support of his two trained Guild dogs




All the minions die one after the other!


Wounded Hoarcat holds off the Vik for a bit


Marcus is protected by his beasts and escapes death while his furry friends die one after the other


Marcus is alone with totem and although losing initiative survives gunshots from VSchill, then legs it to safety in the woods


Viks were so eager to get killing that they now have to choose between claiming the well or negating hold out; they pick the well and controling 3 table quarters only, lose the game 5-8. Great game!!


I love this product, can't wait for the planner to save time building!

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Thanks! My idea for the next game: "murder in Rookery Park" which has only a "frame" of streets tiles surrounding the park, with in the middle of the trees a big mansion...

I have 3 sets (one of each kind) but mainly used sewer walls (used the tiles only for foundations), streets and buildings, with lots left, and I have 3 boxes of clips (which I had still a decent amount left beside L clips). The paper trees are Worldworks yes, they are very nice but a real pain to cut out! All the scenery elements are WWG except the barrels and wood stacks which are Dave Graffam's.


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