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The Nurgle Project - Starting now! (Updated: January 31)


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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Nurgle project! It’s about time I became more active on this forum when I finally put my first order in for Malifaux miniatures (Showgirls to be exact)! I will be receiving them within the next few days, and they will be painted in the weeks to come. So I thought I would start a thread where I post my newly painted miniatures, bases and conversions. I know we’re allowed to post miniatures from other games so I thought I would post some that painted about two years ago (Warmachine). I will be putting a lot more effort in to my new Showgirls than these miniatures, so I hope you will be patient! Showing (at least) two miniatures each week is my goal for now. I will change the title name to let you know when new things has been posted and the thread is updated. So welcome to the Nurgle thread.

Update 1 - February 4th: Just recieved my miniatures a few days ago. Starting with the Showgirl box + a Coryphé blister. Got a good start on my Colette and felt like it's time to make an update!

Colette Du Bois - WIP


Warmachine Freebooters


(For more about me, my hobbies and other silly stuff: www.carddome.com )

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