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gretsters lilith crew


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your crew looks amazing! i love the colors and the way you tied them all together without getting too "uniform". The primordial magic totem is stunning... i really want to get my hands on that one. if i didn't already have this crew on my painting table... i would once i saw this. your detail work is great, and your ability to keep it clean... i envy that. i dry brush too much. lol. love the look though. oh well

Also, did you make or buy those bases? Because i custom built bases that look a lot like that for my sin city lady j crew. i was confused for a second when i saw this thinking you snuck into my house and stole my bases. ;)

Anyway, fantastic work

stay classy!

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Awful! Just shockingly bad! Go away and learn to paint before putting any rubbish like this up again!

I jest of course! Having seen this in the flesh (so to speak) I can confirm that they do look very nice. Fair play Gav, you can certainly get them done quick. I'm a very slow painter at the moment, so these just make me green with envy!

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