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10ss Dreamer v, Lady J


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This is a battle report I had posted elsewhere for the first game of an escalation league I played in over the summer. I ended up winning the league and this was the first game on my road to glory.

We flipped for deployment and got corners and for the strategy we would be playing shared Escape and Survive.

Our crews were this:


Lady Justice

2 Death Marshals

6ss cache


The Dreamer/ LCB

3 Alps

4ss cache.

We both decided to take Grudge and Body Guard for our schemes and I won the flip to deployed and chose to set up first by some woods while CR set up opposite me behind a house. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.

Turn 1:

A mostly uneventful turn. CR had deployed with everything on the field. He gave all the Alps Terrifying 13, created a Daydream and then buried the Alps. I meanwhile moved my crew together up the left side of the board.

Turn 2:

This was a big one. After winning initiative, my Death Marshal who had a Grudge on him moved closer to his friends and cast Finish the Job. The dreamer flew over the house, cast a spell on Lady J that gave her a negative flip defending against Nightmares and then unleashed hell. All the Alps and LCB shot out. LCB got to activate right away and walked over to Lady J and attacked with his melee expert. He hit with an onslaught and so attacked again. This time, even with the negative twist, Lady J was able to beat LCB with a little help from a soul stone. She also got her Riposte off and would have killed the beast had he not used his trigger “All Done” that changed him back into the Dreamer a safe distance away. We weren't really sure how to play this as the two triggers had conflicting results so we decided in favor of LCB since it was his activation. The Daydream then activated (it had companioned with the dreamer but had been interrupted by LCB showing up.) The Daydream unburied LCB once again behind the house, sacrificing its self to save the Dreamer.

With all of the Dreamer shenanigans over, it was time for justice. Lady J passed her terror check and charged an Alp. She swung her sword and killed one but took 3 wounds in the process (mind you this was from before the errata.) She then swung again, taking two more wounds but killing another Alp. The final Alp activated but missed. The other Death Marshal, inspired by The Lady’s sword play, charged the last Alp, taking a wound but killing it. At this point Lady J had taken 8 wounds but with only his master left and no soul stone, things were looking grim for CR.

Turn 3:

Another turn of maneuver. The Guild moved further from their deployment zone and LCB started walking around the house.

Turn 4:

The Neverborn win initiative for the first time and LCB walks twice toward the nearest Death Marshal but comes up short. The Guild then activates with impunity. One Death Marshal walks once to get closer and casts Finish the Job with a Ram, thus giving +2 damage to Death Marshals in melee. The other shoots the big guy twice, doing 4 wounds total. Lady J then walks twice and just makes it into range of LCB and is in the bubble for Finish the Job. She then does what she does best and slices the monster into little bits. The Dreamer pops up, floats up to the top of a building and shoots at Lady J but misses.

Turn 5:

The Guild wins initiative and Lady Justice dusts off her paired pistols and then guns down the Dreamer.

Total VP’s:

Guild: 8

Neverborn: 0


It looks like a slaughter but when all the nightmares showed up on the 2nd turn I was very concerned. A lucky draw with defense from the Lady saved her bacon. Also this was the first time CR used the dreamer and had he dropped his Alps right on top of rather than 6” away it would have been a different story. Also Lady J was ¾ of the way dead by the end of it.

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