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Malifaux "Draft" Tournament 1/28/12 Waco TX


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Yep, you read it right, I am hosting a Draft Tournament.

What exactly is that you ask?

Malifaux is relatively new in my area for playing in the store, there have always been a couple of us that do, but always have people on the sidelines watching. Have done lots of Demos and explanations, but I felt that I needed it to another step to get some fresh blood in the water.

The Draft Tournament is basically that everyone will be playing a 25 ss crew (basic box mainly), but each round you will "draft" a new crew. I'm not a Magic player, but it seems a good way to let people try out different crews and the game. All Crews will be provided along with decks and cards, all you need to do is show up!

Scheduled from 12-5 on Saturday the 28th. Points will be earned with an Achievement style format. Play a game, get a point, win a game get a point, activate 5 triggers get a point, complete 3 schemes, get a point, etc... full details at the event along with special score sheets.

We'll see how this pans out, I have had some good interest in the past few weekends asking me about it, so looking forward to it...also did I mention that the winner will get a Collodi Box set?

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