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Hooded Rider Assembly Help


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So first off, apologies if this is covered somewhere else. Did a quick search and didn't see any matching threads.

I've had the hooded rider for a while and have delayed painting it because its currently running without its fantastic mane. How have people gotten the snakes to stay in place? I've tried just gluing them and they tend to be a little brittle (understatement). I was going to try pinning now that my skills have improved, but they are such small pieces. Just wanted to get some feedback so I didn't do something I might regret.

Thanks all.

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I glued them all in place how i wanted them, and then used a small amount of green stuff to it's head and carefully smoothed it around the snakes. I like to think it worked well. I haven't had any break off mid game or anything, and i used a small enough amount that you couldn't tell what i had done after i got him painted.

Pinning is also a good idea, but they are tiny little buggers

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