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I like the Gremlins and the all girl Vik crew (inspires me want to paint up a Vik's crew like the Spice Girls).

P.S. If you want to reduce the washed out look of those pictures, I'd recommend not using the camera's flash and instead use multiple lights and a sheet of white or black paper under and behind the models.

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I think your colours are interesting, but would need a bit more highlights to give it justice, not just a wash, to increase the contrast from dark to light. I try to use 3 shades in each colour.

I'm not sure of the colour coordination on the Vik crew though (and the red cloth in the VonSchill crew could be maybe white/cream?): there's a bit of colour clash. When I'm unsure I usually ask my wife: "what colour would go well with this?" and she always has good ideas! :)

VonSchill has a good colour scheme but because both blues and greens are bright they kinda steal each other's glory; what about giving a dark wash of mud/black to the blue parts, and the green would pop out more?

I think you have good skills though!

Hope this helps :)

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