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Dreamer + stitched question


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New to malifaux so bear with me....

If I have the dreamer and a stitched together on the table, and the stitched gets shot enough to kill him, the "does not die" triggers.

If I bury him with the dreamer, does he retain this status (like he would his creepy fog) and therefore die when he unburied (in the closing phase)?

If I was somehow able to heal the stitched after "does not die" had triggered, would he still have to be sacrificed in the closing phase?



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It was definitely errata'ed so you couldn't bury a Stitched after Does Not Die kicked in. People were making them immortal by burying each turn. Im not sure where it was ruled, but it definitely was.

Edit: It was ruled when the model was released. It's not in the book, but it says quite clearly on the card that he can't be buried


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from my stiched together card...

does not die: when this model would be killed, it instead remains in play with 1 wd remaining. this model cannot be sacrificed or buried until the start close phase and if this model already activated this turn it gains reactivate. sacrafice this model during the resolve effects step

Thanks! :)

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