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Skribs Malifaux Mini Painting Thread of Magnificence!


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Hey Guys,

Here will live all uploads of my Malifaux Minis!!! WIPs and Finished models, commissions and personal collections! It will be wonderous! ... wait is that even a word? hmm... any who, hope you guys enjoy, Id very much appreciate any feedback and/or advice! Thanks guys!

note: I apologise for my initial camera work, I will look into becoming a master photographer as this thread grows.


Ok so to kick this disco into gear, here is a work in progress my first Death Marshal! for good Ol' LJ! (only logical it had to be the one off the rule book cover art!)

Not much left to do, just some touch ups, some base detailing and the metals really, Ill be trying NMM for all metals with Malifaux! It just seems to suit the style I think. Ill replace these imgs with finished ones as soon as Im done, just wanted to share with you where Im at now!




Second Death Marshal... Way happier with how this one is turning out, this is how Ill be doing them from now on! Which means that first one will be getting a repaint! also first time ever trying lighting effects! Not much left to do, a few minor bits (Gun, Pistol holster, finish off boots and a bit of base detailing)





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Well done on the paint job. :)

Not too shabby on the photography. The first one is a little out of focus, but the other two are pretty solid. The only suggestions I have are:

1. Add a second light source (make a V with the light sources at the two tips and the model at the point), and you'll be in a lot better shape on the pics.

B. Try bending the paper underneath the mini (don't fold, just bend) to eliminate the line running through the middle of the pic.

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what to say...

first of all, much better pics, so dsmiles' instructions payed off :)

second, nice minis. this second DM pics show you're a good painter, everything is in place and as it should be. Neat and precise. lots of character.

good job!

one small, small detail (easily rectified): there is a palstic leftover on your base of the 2nd DM on the base under his left leg. just trim it :)

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