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Avatar Rasputina


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I'm just curious to see if I got a miscast, does anyone elses Avatar rasputina seem small? The rasputina part of the avatar is much smaller then regular rasputina, it looks like she shrunk when she turned into a giant golem.

I am for Wyrd making their sculpts more manageable in size and transportability. but this just looks wierd. I was wondering if I just got a bad cast.

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I'm 90% of the way through a Miss Demeanour, and I didn't pin her feet. I used her tab instead, and trimmed it down so that I could use THAT as the pin. I'll grab a photo later on (it's 2am here and I'm off to bed).

Anyway, ARaspy... she's the naked Avatar of FAMINE. If she was the same size or thicker than the heavily clothed version (either one) I'd be worried.

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I think also that Wyrd tends to have different heights on models. If you're used to Games Workshop where everyone in an army is the exact same height, seeing some variation on heights can be weird. I thought my showgirls were in a different scale because everyone else comes up to about their neck, but then realized that the supermodels of Malifaux probably would be a bit taller

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