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Colour scheme for collodi and co


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Hey all, painting up a collodi crew, but I've hit a brick wall. What colour scheme to use. I always assumed I was going to use the one wyrd uses, because, well, it's damn nice, but a bit of thinking, and something like this tempted me:




Anyone have any thoughts, or painted their collodi something different?

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It's funny, i feel the same way about this crew. Wyrd did such a great job with the studio mini's and no one else seems to post their pictures of him, so i have been wracking my brain trying to decide how to paint him. i was thinking red, but i'm not crazy about it after seeing the other picture you posted. I fear my rendition of the red will leave him looking just like Lucious. :P

anyway, good luck to you! I look forward to seeing your work as you finish him!

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Hmmm, when i first saw it, i thought to myself... "Oh jeeze, that's disgusting..." then i thought, "hey, that's exactly what he was going for! :D

I hate painting with yellow... i hate it with a passion that consumes my soul. i dig it on Collodi though. I can't wait to see the finished look on him with a couple of those puppets painted up around him. I keep saying him, but the book refers to Collodi as an "it"... lol

For me, i think i have decided to go with a mostly black, brown, grey, and red theme for the crew. I am painting them up as though they were characters from Sweeney Todd. I thought it would be cool to have Mrs. Lovett be the widow weaver when she finally drops, marionettes playing the victims, and of course, Collodi as the starring role.

I thought Collodi and Sweeny have a good deal in common. Both bring to mind dreadful creepy murderous stage performances.

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