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First Painted Mini Post


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Hello fellow Malifauxers,

I have started my own little blog, and if anyone is interested have just posted my first picture of a recently finished desperate merc.

Would be interested in any comments, thiis raneg of figures are awesome and a pleasure to paint.

Heres the link....



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really nice but without wanting to sound like an arse id water your paints down a little to make the coat a little smoother

Thats cool I don't mind constructive criticism :fing02:

I have experimented in lots of different ways and have found I like the kind of gritty feel I've been getting by using white primer, black wash and then colours on top of that. On some minis by thinning the paint a little I have discovered it allows the black wash to come through a little giving an apperance of shadow.

I'll get some more stuff posted up, you never stop learning.


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