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The Hamelin Crews I Took To Masters


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Ive been getting a lot of PMs asking about the crews I won the UK Masters with so thought I'd post them here for you guys with a quick explanation (all strategies were shared). Any questions or comments feel free to post.



Hamelin +8ss


Obedient Wretch

Rat Catcher

2x Rats


2x Terror Tots

This list was my "main" list for the event and used in Distract and Reconnoiter (Qualifying games), Escape and Survive (semi final) and Claim Jump (final). The basic idea was -

1. Use the tots to get a Mature Neph out in turn two and a second Young in turn three (which can be Matured later). Turn one this involves using the Wretch and Hamelin to generate cards to get the required 9:masks

2. Using the rats to generate blood counters for the above and also to stall a few activations (it's not vey effective with ony two rats)

3. Link the sorrow to Hamelin and use it towards the end of activations to Paralyze a key model via Doldrums.

It's also of note that in every game Nix was off the board by the end of turn two - either from a focused effort by my opponents to kill him off or by me sacrificing him to dodge Kill Protégée - so all of my games were essentially 28ss :(



Hamelin +8ss


Obedient Wretch

6x Stolen

I used this crew in both Slaughter and Turf War (qualifying) in very different ways -

1. With Shared Slaughter in game one against Dreamer (with 3x Stitched ffs) I played my soulstone factory game repeatedly doing Drain Souls to get me up to 30ss by turn 3. As to be expected I lost the most models, but by killing LCB and Dreamer and with my schemes I managed a win.

2. In Turf War (again against Dreamer) I base blocked my way up the edge of the board so LCB was having trouble getting within 3 inches. When I was ready for the bomb (LCB, 2x Lelu and a Lilitu) I left a space in my crew which my opponent took and Hamelin burned ss to stay alive, then one shot Lilitu (VPs for me) and made the two Lelu insignificant (who then went down to a lot of rats - writhing mass followed by black blood means you get enough new rats to kill anything Nephilim in one turn).

I'll do a full post of battle reports when I'm not on my iPad, but thought the above would be helpful.

(And if you're wondering about my third list, it was Zoradia, aZoraida, Collodi, 4x Marrionettes, Wicked Doll, Insidious Madness and Jackdaw - taken just for Destroy the Evidence)

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I'm confused how you use the rats to get blood tokens, doesn't voracious rats prevent that? Or are you doing it away from Hamelin and the RC? In that case don;t you permanently lose the rats?

Two things. First voracious rats stops counters and not tokens, and the token is being generated by the Neph and not as a result of the model dying (as would be the case with say a corpse counter). There are lots of discussions on here which will come up via a search if you want to check

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Woot, gratz on the Masters wins Magic.

Nice lists...though I still find the tot grow list to be too luck dependant (and by that I mean I have really bad luck with cards so I try to avoid things that rely too heavily on them haha).

The 6 stolen list is pure awesome, I've used the same before with hilarious results (and not just for the slaughter ss factory).

Ugh...2 dreamer crews, that's rough, though it looks like you came out alright haha.

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Congratulations on your win!

I am curious if you faced Kirai in any of your games, and if so, with which crew, which strategies/schemes were used for the game and any thoughts you have on strengths/weaknesses of both lists?


I didn't face Kirai at the event but have played her many times before. There are a few tricks to use Hamelin against her which work really well -

1. If she's taken Jackdaw (which Kirai crew doesn't) put Nix in melee and put him on a negative flip so he can't get his aura up. This will pin JD for the turn and he can't do anything to Nix.

2. Once you have JD pinned by Nix, use a sorrow to cast Doldrums with a high card on JD to paralyse him for the next turn (he won't resist with the :-fate flip)

3. There are two approaches to Shikome. If they Prey Hamelin make it insignificant, if they Prey something else (Nix usually) do the spell so it can only target Hamelin and keep the initial target within 10 inches of Hamelin.

4. If you get Hamelin within 10 inches of Kirai at the start of his activation, do irresistible lure to pull the szechuan away from Kirai and then charge Hamelin into Kirai. The szechuan are Spirits so he can move through them, and they're insignificant so can't make disengaging strikes against him.

5. Avoid rats if you can, take Stolen and Canine Remains at the outset. If you get rats use them as sacrificing targets to power his spells, there's no point trying to keep them.

6. Lastly, ignore Kirai and get your schemes :)

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If only I had the voracious bacon ability so that every time i eat bacon within 6 inches a new bacon is summoned.

Perhaps Willy Wonka could be kidnapped and forced at boomstick to devise a piece of "Everlasting Bacon" for those of us that really like bacon (and of course the crew from Epic Mealtime).

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