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Kaeris boxed set?

Soul Puppet

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Dear Wyrd,

Please could someone tell me if you have a date when the Kaeris boxed set will be available again?

I ordered mine through a UK vendor in October and it is still showing out of stock both on their and Wyrd's webstore.

Other places do have stock but I don't wish to cancel a sale that is not the fault of the vendor in order to get it elsewhere. I am happy to wait, I'd just like to get an idea of how long for?


Soul Puppet

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It's been in, and out, of stock a couple of times as this is one of those that has been very popular.

It's currently back in stock and has been shipping to distributors of late.

Thank you Nathan. I have queried this before and you were kind enough to reply then too, so it is appreciated. I understand the demand and supply issue and have been patient thus far. 3 months wait though is starting to test me. Here's hoping it turns up soon.

Thanks again.

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So you preordered from Maelstrom too then?

I find it a bit harsh to blame Maelstrom for a supply issue. What do you expect them to do?

If theres no stock even at Wyrd then its hardly fair to blame Maelstrom Games for not sending you anything!

I know they aren't perfect but bashing them for this seems a bit uncalled for..unless of course your statement was tongue in cheek?

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100% tounge in cheek.

I mailed Maelstrom a few weeks back, they replied explaining the issue.

I have a huge painting backlog for at least 4 systems (including two orders of Malifaux stuff from Maelstrom, placed since the Kaeris order), so while waiting for my Gamin is annoying I'm coping just fine.

Should have added a few more smilies maybe.

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