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Electrical Creation (Proxy)


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I've had to move several times in the past few months, so anything hobby related pretty much went on hold. Now that everything's stable again, my housemates and I are finally able to get back into what we love: Malifaux. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I lost my Electrical Creation. :'(

So tonight I've cobbled together a hilarious and thematically inappropriate proxy to use until I can get my hands on a new one, and I figured I'd share it with the class:



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What bits did you use? I'm thinking of making an alternate model for the EC, but I have crap for spare bits.

With the exception of the chain, everything else was cobbled together from what was available. The "horns" are spear handles that were trimmed, and then melted down to form the nubby ends, while the detonator in the front was a... knife, I think? Pretty much anything flat that can be trimmed and filed will work, and the wires are just wires.

When I get a chance, I'll post the painted version. I'm still learning the ropes when it comes to minis, but it seems like a lot of fun so far.

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