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Tau army trade


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Well I have

3 hammerheads

3 devilfish

All vehicals are magnitized onto large flying stands via large rare earth magnets. Also both hammerhead have burst cannon drones the devilfish have missile pod drones.

30 > firewarriors with a mixture of about 24 pulse rifles then theres about one to two dozen with the other weapon option.Will need to be striped for the most part.

12 > pathfinders all metal none of the sniper rifles just primed

15 > plastic stealth suits three are still on sprue the others are assembled but may need to be stiped


Other misc tau pieces a large number of bitz.

And all thic can be your on the simple trade of malifaux product that I fine to be an equal trade value or about a forth of the retial value of the listed product.

all im looking for

~a puppet wars core set and maybe one of the boosters. Doesnt matter if there open or not just that all the pieces are there.

~a seamus crew preferably the starter with a grave spirit and a set of hanged

~ a kirai box set and the other spirits would be nice.

~ all three of the books prefering there in decent condition

~ victoria crew with ronin and convict gun slinger

~ misc blisters includeing the peacekeeper, all the constructs in the hoffman box not includeing hoffman or lelu puppet tedies or nightmare teddies or a normal teddy and a single stitched together.

The tau army is comeing with a codex and if your looking for something greyknights or space marines just tell me and maybe we can sweeten the deal a little.

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