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Standard Tourney Rules?


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I recently played in a tourney, and no rulebooks were allowed. Made it challangeing being a newer player with maybe 5 games under my belt as I didnt know some of the not commonly used rules.

I verified the rules in the given situations before using them, then had the rule change by the end of the tourney which i thought wasnt right. Taking 2 mintues to look it up in the book would have made things go correctly. Still would have lost in the tourney but prefer to lose by my own accord/stupidity not because I coudnt verify a rule.

Is it normal to not allow rulebooks in Malifaux tournies? Doesnt that make it more difficult? then if theres still an issue have the person that is running the tourney do the judgement call? There was several people who were suprised about the no book rule too.

Still had a great time though, so no harm done. I just want ot be able to play correctly!!!

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That's weird.

Not Wyrd.

Any idea why?

I suppose it might have been down to the changes in rules since the release of the first book, but the Rules Manual is pretty much correct in almost every respect.

There are some helpful crib sheets available from Ratty's Malifaux page (Google it) should you be facing anything like that again.

We just played the UK Malifaux Masters - with 16 of the most experienced players in the UK (well 15 and me). Not only was the Rules Manual a requirement of entry along with painted models and deck, it was probably referred to in virtually every game.

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Hmmm, so perhaps in other ones then I can have a rulebook to check rules then. I looked it up later that night and found it in about 3 minutes. The main one was I wanted to cast ice walls, then shoot them down when no longer needed, or to hurt an enemy (I had noticed that others shoot there own guys and cheat down to get a big blast with Raspy in order to tag nearby enemies who would be harder to hit so I wanted to make sure i could do the same thing when hitting an ice pillar; I was told it was fine and would work like that until I actually did it...)

Didnt want to ruin the mood of the tourney though so didnt say nothin' At least I know next time it isnt uncalled of me to ask to have my rulebook handy next time!

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I have seen tournaments where TOs have asked some players to stop referencing the rule books if they were excessively using it and basically stalling the game.

But not allowed at all seems odd.

It thought of this too. Only reason I can conceive to ban them. Certainly seems like overkill.

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