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Levi & Alyce as Joker & Harley Quinn


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I'd seen McMourning as Joker before, but he just didn't look right to me for some reason. Then when I was watching a slideshow of Joker pics, it just clicked. Levi looks more like Joker than McMourning does. Then a pic of Arkham Asylum Harley, looking suspiciously like Alyce, sealed the deal. I'd procrastinated the idea for awhile, but then when I saw Timelapse's Bat-Hoffman & Watcher-Robin, I got my painting in gear.

Levi as Joker wip:

Alyce as Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn wip:

Joker & Harley, good enough for now:

...Happened to find the pic of my Joker Levi when I was searching for pics of someone else's model, and it showed me the photo links were dead. That simply will not do.

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