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Hamelin the Ratcatcher's Growing Command Trigger


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I've tried a number of times to figure out exactly how to pull this off. Seems like it should be legal, but the wording is so tough to decipher exactly. The basic idea is to have Hamelin the Ratcatcher get off 2 obeys in a turn for my own units, the latter using the Growing Command trigger.

The problem, is to get the second Obey off, I have to lead with either Irresistible Dance, or Piper's Lure and get the trigger.

Let's say I want my (already activated) rogue necromancy to be obeyed to make 2 attacks:

1 - I cast Obey upon him. RN strikes.

2a - I cast Irresistible Dance, with the trigger to Obey him again.


2b - I cast Piper's Lure, with the trigger to Obey him again.

In the 2a permutation, RN can now only take walk actions, which negates all choice in my Obey spell.

In the 2b permutation, he's now out of melee range (barring good position), which again, offers me nothing.

Is there a way around this? If I cast Irresistible Dance, is he only barred from initiating a Walk action, or from Walk actions in general? In other words, can I (1) Obey a model under the spell of Irresistible Dance to take an action other that a Walk action?

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I think the target is pretty much stuck taking only Walk actions. Since he can only take walk actions, that's all you can Obey him to do.

So then the trigger's only really effective against enemy models, unless you really want to gain some ground initially. May still not be a bad option though:

Turn One with Nico

Mortimer for a corpse counter

Molly: Imbue Nico with +3 Wk


- Casting Expert Reanimator

- Walk

- Walk


- Obey Nico to Walk

- Irreistible Dance/Obey Nico to Walk

- Walk

Not as good as the dead rider, I don't think, but I don't own the dead rider. Still, you get Nico up to 24" up the board first turn, which is nothing small.

May also be fun with Shikome to get a couple extra walks the first turn.

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