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Mechanical Rider


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So my Mechanical Rider came through this morning and i'm finally looking over the rules seriously (only really glanced over them in the book) and she seems pretty solid for an 8ss model with the added bonus for Ramos of being a large based construct if she does happen to die

The Power Cycle on her looks pretty good with mobility, damage and survivability on offer but i thought i'd ask on here to find out just how good she is and if there's any nasty tricks people recommend when using her with Ramos or Marcus


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I find her to be pretty straight forward. I tend to use her to grab objectives. Her mobility is what I like. Combat I find her ok, she can hit and she can do so pretty decently, but I don't see that as her main role.

Her only really nib trick I have heard of is her drag trigger on her spear. Ramos is slow, so that extra 4" you can move him is great, his armor 2 means he probably won't take more then 1. Since it requires a suit requirement I generally don't use this trick.

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