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Gremlin game plans


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So i have my huge batch of gremlins done and now i'm studying the hell out of what they can and can't do. I'm hoping for some help from experienced gremlin players out there on crew building.

Here's what I have




four piglets

War Pig

four gremlins


three stuffed pigs

hog whisperer

two slop haulers

2 skeeters

(Technically i have a ton of rats too if they have any place in a somer list)

So i'm hoping for general advice on game play (tactics and such), soul stones a somer crew needs to start with, schemes that are effective, the huge mistakes not to make with gremlins and how to win with the gun lines, pig lists and hybrids.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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if you have Som'er and rats, you'll want to pick up 2 more skeeters to get 4.

if you clump 3 skeeters together and and kill a single rat to summon another skeeters, the first 3 skeeters heal because they are vermin like the rat. With 4 skeets and 3 of them almost full health you should try and have 1 each turn discard 4 cards from you opponent. Usually dying in the process, and the one that was summoned do other spells.

Don't expect to get more than 1 skeets a game because of the high casting requirement. I thing you can channel the spell and hopefully not have to use a card from hand.

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The above (CannonFodder's post) is very common with the "Alpha Stank" tactic.

Looking at your list of models you seem to be favoring a "Pig Boomerang" though. Take a look at Pullmyfinger here for some advice on runnning it. If you want to run a "Gunline" you'll need more Bayou's and probably want Ophelia (who runs it better, though cant replace lost Gremlins).

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