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Can Henchman Molly summon a Necromantic Construct?


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Yes I'm being lazy to read the rule book. Just want to know, if Molly if a Henchman and her Master already has a totem active and alive, can she still use her spell to summon a Necromantic Machine?

I question this because I understand a crew can only have one Totem - even if a new one can be summoned. Of course I realize its useful if Molly is leading the crew, in which case she can constantly resummon her totem when it falls, but naturally I wonder if its valid if she's not the "Master".

Also, can she use it if her Master is Totem-less (i.e.: if the initial totem dies, can Molly summon the Necromatic Machine to be a new totem?)

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A totem must be attached to a model that can have one. A Master can attach a totem so can a Henchman.

Totem: Models with the Totem Characteristic must be connected to a Master or Henchman when hired by a Crew or Summoned into a Crew. Each Master or Henchman can be connected to one Totem at a time unless stated otherwise. A Totem is sacrificed immediately if the Master or Henchman it is connected to is removed from the game. Totems with a Master's or Henchman’s name in parenthesis can only be connected to models with that name (see Hire Crews, p.71, for the full rules on hiring and connecting Totems).

So yes you can summon a Necrotic Machine if your Master has a totem and Molly doesn't. However you can't have 2 as the Necrotic Machine is Unique.

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