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Malifaux League Taylor,MI

Fading Memory

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It would have totally made sense to have put the address of the store down the first time instead of having to edit it later.

Shenanigans Hobby and Game Center

22312 Goddard Road

Taylor, MI 48180

Hello everyone. Sorry about the last post about this league. It totally slipped my mind to post.

I talked about this league back in December. Everyone wanted me to wait until after the holidays so they would have the time to commit to the league.

The league has three sessions each two weeks long giving players enough time to get the scheduled game in. The League starts this Friday 1/13 and runs until 2/24. The games are 25 fixed list.

League details below.

:masks:masks:masks Malifaux Raffle League:masks:masks:masks

$10 entry fee. It covers the entire length of the league no matter how many games you play. The Entry Fee money will be used to buy prizes for the raffle.

This league is designed with new players in mind, to help them better understand the game and its many rules, concepts, and ideas. It's not overly competitive and at the end of the league anyone can win a prize. Scoring is based on completing League Objectives. Points will earn raffle tickets which participants can then put towards prizes which will be raffled off at the end of the event.

Crews are a 25 soulstone fixed list. Fixed list means you pick one Master to lead a crew (Henchman may lead crews) and then hire 25 points (soulstones) worth of models. Remember, left over points (soulstones) from purchasing models are added to the crews starting soulstone cache. For some box sets, a 25 soulstone game will require an additional blister purchase. Masters do not cost any points.

Each session players will play one game with a predetermined match-up with a predetermined deploy zone, and Strategy (Main Objective). Players have two weeks to get the required game in. Should players miss a game League points are distributed on a case-by-case situation by the League Organizer. Players will then play a normal game of Malifaux. League points are scored by completing League objects (most are designed to show game rules/mechanics, but some aren't  ). Each league objective can only be completed once, unless otherwise stated. The game is normally played by players selecting 2 additional Schemes (side objectives) before the game begins. For the League, the first Scheme will be selected for you. The second scheme players will choose. If a player does not choose to select an additional scheme, 2 soulstones will be added to their crews starting soulstone cache as defined in the rules manual. Players may choose to keep their selected scheme a secret or announce it as defined in the rules manual.

League Objectives Each worth 1pt unless otherwise stated

1. Sign up with paid Entry Fee for the League (worth 3 points)

2. Make a Focused Attack

3. Channel a spell

4. Put a model in Defensive Stance

5. Charge a model

6. Cheat Fate by Soulstoning an Attack Flip

7. Cheat Fate by Soulstoning a Defense Flip

8. Cheat Fate by Soulstoning a Casting Flip

9. Make a (1) Healing Flip (only models with Use Soulstone can do this. ALL Masters and Henchman have the Use Soulstone Talent, some models can gain this ability through other means)

10. Cheat Fate by cheating in the Black Joker

11. Cheat Fate by cheating in the Red Joker

12. Finish a game with 1 soulstone left from your crews starting Soulstone Cache

13. Complete 2 different Schemes (does not have to be completed in a single game).

14. Use the Drain Souls action. (All crew Leaders, the model leading the crew, have this ability)

15. Win a game. (This may be completed once a week. An incentive to get players to join the league and at most gives 3 extra points. Reasoning, more players means more prizes.)

Each Point is worth one raffle ticket. Players may divide up their tickets any way those choose among the prizes to be raffled off.

7pm starts.

Session 1 – 1/13 - 1/26

Strategy, Shared Plant Evidence – Standard Deployment – Scheme, Distract (Announced)

Week 2 – 1/27- 2/9

Strategy – Shared Destroy Evidence – Corner Deployment – Scheme, Kill Protege (Announced)

Week 3 – 2/10 - 2/24

Strategy – Shared Escape and Survive – Diagonal Deployment – Scheme, Breakthrough (Announced)

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