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Bishop... I think I get it now. That's awesome!


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So talking about power creep the last few threads I've been involved in, and Bishop's card almost always comes up with a shaking head and a heavy sigh. I see it, and it's largely to do with the slow movement and low damage spread. For the latter, there are ways around it (aMarc's Instinctive behavior after beasting him, for example, to make it so you get a more regular 4 damage). For the former, I've always been at a lot.

But something clicked for me as I was looking through my cards, and I find myself wondering if resser or Marcus runners have tried this.

Start the game by activating Bishop dropping a mask to add that suit to his Df. Then walk the guy a couple of times. Use four Night Terrors to (in this order): strike him and miss (the first one should charge), giving him the Leap Away trigger to move 4", (0) Flock Together, and Wk.

After all four have done this, Bishop has now moved 24" from his original position. You give up a little of the NT's first turn movement, but let's be honest, these guys have such a ridiculous movement that it doesn't matter much, and then they go off to complete objectives or whatever.

Starting Turn 2, Bishop should be in Cg distance to just control the board. Set up with Marcus, this amount of speed is about or greater than par, so your crew should largely be together enough to combo well.

Has anyone tried this to good (or ill) effect?

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If your going resser's why would you pay 11 ss for a model that requires over half of your crew (12 ss worth of models) to get a model 24 inches when your have harder hitting options that are faster. In your example. Bishop + 4 night terrors is 23 ss worth of models to get the combo to go off and you gain possibly 24 inches of movement. The dead rider with Molly's imbue vigor can go 27 inches. Also once the dead rider gets there he is going to be far more combat worthy than bishop ever will be. This is Bishops primary down fall right now. There always seems to be something that can do what he does for less.

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