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25ss LOST LOVE Tournament, Zagreb, Croatia

Demonn Agram

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UMS "Agram" proudly invites you to our LOST LOVE Malifaux torunrament!



Saturday, Feb.11. 2012.


MS „Cvjetni trg“

Prolaz sestara Bakovic 3/1

10000 Zagreb


Tournament Schedule:

9.30 -10.00 Applications

10.00-11.30 game one

11.30-13.00 game two

13.00-14.00 lunch break + Best painted crew contest

14.00-15.30 game three

15.30-16.00 awards ceremony



The crew lists that are to be submited at the begining of the tournament must be 35 Soul Stone - that will be your pool.

No Avatars allowed!

Crews do not have to be painted, but they will lose points.

All the terrains on all the tables are fixed and are not to be moved around by players.

After your opponent and table number are drawn and the strategies are flipped for, you pick out of your crew list (pool) a maximum of 25 Soul Stone with which you will play. (so you can strategize according to the opposing list, strategy, terrain setup etc...)


Every players flips his own strategy (before choosing his 25 SS Crew out of his pool). The same strategy can not be played more than once by one player (if it happens, reflip).

Also, after picking his 25SS crew out of the pool, a player chooses 2 Schemes. There is a maximum of two times that a player can play the same scheme on the tournament!

Scoring (0-33pts):

Generalship (0-9pts):

Victory - 3 pts

Draw - 1 pts

Defeat - 0 pts

Victory conditions are calculated accordnig to the main rules of Malifaux (who has more VP)

In case of a tie, the tie breaker will be the number of VP.

Painting (0-9pts):

Bases - 1pt (one kind of flock), 2pts (detailed base)

Painting - 3pt (3 colours), 4pts (drybrush), 5pts (shading, layering etc..)

Overall Impression (every model in the crew must be painted!) - 1pt (neat, precise, uniformly painted crew, wysiwyg), 2pts (extra details, conversions, uneat, precise, uniformly painted crew, wysiwyg)

Fairplay (3x(0-5pts)):

The opponent was friendly 1pt

The opponent knew the rules reasonably well 1pt

The opponent didn't try to cheat 2pt

All of the disputes were amicably resolved 1pt

In the end all the scores are added, and the winner is the player with the most points.

During lunch, there will be a Best Painted Crew Contest. Every player can apply. All the models in the crew must be exhibited for the contest (even the not painted ones). The crew with the most votes wins. Only the participants of the Malifaux December Horror Tournament can vote.

If you need to stay the night, contact us at ums.agram@gmail.com and we'll try to arrange some cheap(er) accomodation (around 15€/night)

Applications can be sent by PM to my account here, or at www.ums-agram.hr/forums (my nick there is Demonn Ournebb'es Athor). Applications should state your name and contact (email) and if you need accomodation (or any other need). You do not have to include your 35 SS list (pool) at this point. It will be enough to just bring your list to the tournament.

Note: make a couple of copies.

Things you need to bring:

1. your list (pool) - at least in duplicate

2. your crew along with the cards

3. your deck and tape measure

4. rules manuals - not neccessary but useful

5. superglue - just in case

Good luck!

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