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Hi All

New to Malifaux but have built up a Archanist crew with Ramos as the Masster and Kaeris to help. Spiders, electrical creation and the executioner because he is such a nice figure.

Reading through the various posts people mention the various books . I have the basic rule book and the A5 summary rules but what is in the others?

Do they have stat for models being released / to be released. I know a few people say that they use Proxise and if this is the case where do they get the Stats for the figures to game with?.

Looked at Wyrds Shop but postage to ther UK is too expensive for a few cards!! I would like to try out Fire gamins but don't want to buy the figures just yet as quite expensive if not suit my style of play.

I have just purchased the Victorias Box set and looking to get the Mechanical Rider when funds allow:)

Any advice would be appreciated



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Well, the first rulebook (Malifaux) is sadly (and hopefully temporarily) out of print. I think Rising Powers (a.k.a. Book 2) is out of print as well, though my FLGS has multiple copies. Twisting Fates (Book 3) is in print, and usually easy to find (at least on the interwebs).

That's where you'll find the stats for all models, though some changed from the book to the cards. Hence, the v2 stat cards located


Hope that helps.

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