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Calling all Scottish Malifaux-ers


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Hi guys (and girls)

Dont know if any of you guys have been but there is a few Malifaux players at G3 (Glasgow Gaming Group) you can find us on Facebook!

It was where i played my 2nd game of malifaux and my gosh that was still a learning curve! Playing shared treasure hunt against Von Schill when you only have a Ramos crew is painful.

Well getting back to what i was originally posting here for, we have set up a group on face book called Scotland's Malifaux Players...we are hoping to encourage as many malifauxers (is that a word?) to join this group as its only a small country afterall and travelling isn't too hard anywhere really.

So no real excuse to avoid a game. The group is designed so that we can share tactics on our favorite crews, share pictures and have a good chat about the game we know and love.

Here's the link for the group hope to see you all there soon


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Whilst my location says Newcastle this is only till the end of the month when I move back up and start work back in Glasgow - they didn't have enough square sausage and potato scones down here for my liking.

Haven't actually managed to get a game of Malifaux in around four months so will be looking to head along to G3 pretty soon after I get back. Have been once before after having been introduced to the group by Dangerous Beans of these forums.

I'm the guy dressed as Dangermouse on the membership request...

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