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Wyrd's Alt mcmourning?


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Hi all,

Dotted throughout book 3 is a series of pictures of book 1 masters in cool, dynamic poses. Several of these poses have been released as alternative models for their book 1 masters.

Not all of the sketches have been released yet, but here's to hoping most of them are :vb_cheers

The book doesnt have a cool, dynamic picture of mcmourning though :(:o Will we ever get an alt mcmourning? preferably with more of his face so we can paint that evil smile :P Or will it look like the picture of avatar McM, freddy kruger style? Or have I simply missed seeing the right page? :)

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Ooo, forgot about Kirai's avatar release coming soon. With the associated alt sculpt. Something else to land on the pile of stuff!

On topic though, if they made McM's alt just hte man part of the avatar model, Colette would presumably get two alts, thus making her 3 copy avatar. Which would seem odd. So I'd guess he'll be different to that artwork but in the same theme.

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I hope Kirai gets an alt! I'm planning to paint it very ghostly and use it when she's a spirit.

As far as McMourning the picture in the Avatar section is pretty cool but I think that's part of the Avatar. I've been wrong in the past about the same avatar though (I thought Simulacrum 29 was Levi's avatar for sure when the first pictures were shown).

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