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Rasputina Gang - fully painted


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Wow, thank you! That looks really helpful. I bookmark it and will definetly use it as soon as I do the base moding. :) now I know the different effects of the modeling snow^^

I'll show you the results of the Base moding in April.

Now I'm going to paint my Dreamer crew next

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Hey no problem.

I just recalled one more piece of advice for jazzing up a snow base by adding in some realistic ice...

Using some plastic Vase Filler material like this stuff [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Tanday-Pound-Acrylic-Filler-Scatter/dp/B003M6XN7G]here[/ame] as a base for your ice features. Apply some super glue to the plastic "Ice" to frost it over.

If you want apply a quick glaze of Turqouise ink/paint to give it a nice blue-green color like glacial ice.

Add some Snow flock and Water Effect to that and you are done.

I used a similar technique for the Ice Pillar below.


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Here is my Dreamer starterbox painted (my orders got missing somewhere So I have to wait for my Alps, Letu and Lilitu)




Sorry about the quality of the pics... my camera is a bit crappy!

I'm a bit proud, because I was so quick with them 5 days (just the evening) and all were painted :)

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I've painted the judge. still stugeling, with the limbs of the death marshals... they are so rotten, they always fall apart -.-



I painted some blood on his scarf, because I'm sure he has some blood cough and other illnesses, like a rotten face, which spills blood from time to time... :)

Critique is like always, more then welcome! (that's why I put it on here^^)

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