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Flay the flesh, lay bare the bone. Upon this field, let grief be sown: Gremlins Plog


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So next up for me is Gremlins and thought i'd show off where i'm at after four days of work.

*Some Bayou counters and tokens for whatever need be


*The Good Ole' Boys



*Big Hog


*The Boss



And that's whats mostly done (aside from cleaning the lip on the bases). Two Mosquitos are almost done and all the pigs are drying right now.

Still to come: Francis Lacroix (cause that model is bad ass looking), Hog Whisperer, Taxidermist, two slop haulers and McTavish.

(If you've seen my plogs before you know i'm always struggling with good light. No exception here.)

Any comments, suggestions ect ect please drop a comment.

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Wonderful bases! The gremlins and their pigs are lookin' good. :D

For lighting, consider using Breadcrab's milkjug ghetto porn studio™ idea. It diffuses the light and makes photos of minis come out so much better. Also, as I learned in that thread, setting your camera's macro mode is a definite must. Let it do all of the focusing for you.



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