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Walpurgis 2 Hobby Log: Graveyard Board


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Well, the new year has hit, and I'm getting set for what has become an annual event in Bellingham - our Walpurgis Eve tournament. For the next 4 months most of my Hobby time will be spent toward getting together cool terrain, swag, and otehr projects for the tournament. last year was perhaps the most overproduced tournament I could imagine - this year, I'm going to try and outdo myself!

If you'll be in the Pacific NW and are interested in the tournament, there's more info here: http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=27821This log will chronicle the various projects for the tournament. Things that are planned:

- Finishing up my Sewer Board

- Perhaps tackling the Train Depot board I've had planned for a while

Working on give-aways:

- Cards

- Terrain feature

- Objective markers

- custom miniature

And the like. I'm delegating some of the work this year, so hopefully there will be some really great stuff.

1st up, I finished my Graveyard board. This uses a Garden of Morr, a Citadel Wood, some ruins I cast in resin from a mold made by a friend of mine (thanks, Evan!), and a bunch of gravestones made by Renedra (http://renedra.co.uk/webstore.html). It's a fun, thematic board with oodles of cover.









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Thanks, all!

@Pete: GW Garden of Morr, a Citadel Wood, some ruins I cast in resin from a mold made by a friend of mine (he originally designed them with a 3d modeling program and had the masters printed), and a bunch of gravestones made by Renedra (http://renedra.co.uk/webstore.html)

@Fritz - Do it! There are already a handful of folks heading down from Vancouver for it - some of the WCP crew (a pretty big wargaming club, they usually do a lot of Warhammer). Folks from Portland and Seattle, as well. It's a good way to meet and connect with Malifaux players from across the Pacific NW.

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Just realized I've been neglecting this blog - apologies!

Just got done meeting with Ravyn from Advanced Deployment, to take a look at a prototype for the Gallows that will be part of the swag for Walpurgis 2. It was crudely designed by me, patiently re-worked by Ravyn, and laser cut from 1/8" MDF. Like most swag, all participants get one and it will be used as part of the tournament. Ravyn will also be offering them for sale through Advanced Deployment after the tournament.

There are a couple of minor issues that will be re-worked, but you get the idea! Sorry for the bad photos, but these were quick shots taken in a coffee shop.

A Ronin gets set to mete out some Malifaux-style justice to Seamus...


...but gets more than she bargained for!


The special miniature this year will be a Plague Doctor (as of yet unnamed). The mini was sculpted by Nathan Lough and will be cast bv BlackCatBases. The good Doctor will play a prominent role in the tournament's narrative, feature in a scenario or two, and (later in the tournament), will be hire-able by crews as a Mercenary.







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Saw this table on Lead Adventure forum a while back, very nice!

I've had that renedra gravestone sprue in my eBay watch list for some time now. I'd pull the trigger if it weren't for all the other terrain projects I've already got on hold. Anyway, how many sprues did it take to do this board?

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@Todd - It was 3 packages of Renedra gravestones (which have 2 sprues in them each). 6 sprues is enough to cover most of a 36x36 board. I imagine for most, non grave-crazy purposes, 1 package would work. I can't recommend them highly enough - a great value for terrain!

@Stanislav - Nope, the gallows are a custom design. I designed them, and then passed the files along to Advanced Deployment, who did the laser cutting. After the tournament Advanced Deployment will likely be offering the gallows for sale. I'm planning on collaborating with AD on some more terrain in the future. I really like the look of the Gamecraft stuff, but I've never seen it in person.

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That's cool. I really like Ravyn and crew with their work.

Unfortunately...that still leaves me in the dark as to whether the Gamecraft buildings will scale with Malifaux or not. Oh well.

edit: Sorry I didn't see the post where you explained it (damn phone!). I will definitely be buying one when she releases it. I need to buy a bunch of Basehuggers anyway.

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I suppose we're about due for an update of some sort, eh?

I've been busy casting a number of counters that will be used in the tournament. I'm also doing two card decks this year. The test deck of schemes and strategies got mailed off to me today - hopefully that turns out well. I've spent some time working on the fate deck for this year. rather than the cartoony deck we did last year, we're doing something a bit more realistic. The idea is to theme it off a deck of old playing cards. Here's a ram. The number of dots in the corners indicate weak, moderate, or severe damage.


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The card sample looks awesome. As I live on the opposite coast though the odds of me getting there are, oh, slim to none (leaning heavily to the none side.) Boy, would it be nice to be able to score a deck though(hint, hint!)

The scheme/strategy deck sounds like a cool idea to. Your community is lucky indeed to have someone as dedicated as yourself.

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Just doing my weekly update.

The gallows are finalized and in production (and, yes, models with 30mm bases can stand on the stairs).

I received the proof deck of the Scheme Cards, but there was a misprint - they printed the wrong back. Otherwise, they look pretty good. I have a corrected deck on the way. I was planning on tweaking the purple on some of them a bit, but I should be able to place the final order next week.

The numeric cards for the Fate Deck are all done. Nathonicus is fervently working on the art for the face cards and jokers. Once I get those, I'll make it a priority to get those cards done so I can get a test deck.

Here's a look at the art and style of the other suits:




Note that the crow symbol is the crossed spades/feathers, but the Ace of Spades always gets something special. Lemmy says so!

Also, I think we have a final design for the card backs. This may change, but right now I'm pretty excited by:


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Art for the face cards is finalized. Here's a sample, one from each suit. The artist is Nathan, one of the local gamers here in Bellingham. He's also the one who sculpted the plague doctor (which, coincidentally, arrived from the casting house last week). Suffice it to say, the rest of the face cards (and jokers) are spectacular! :D


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And if I told you that the only way to get a set was to come out to Bellingham to participate in the tournament (and that it was already full, with a waiting list)? :lucifer:

I'll post a thread in the appropriate section shortly, and will link here. I'm not planning on ordering extras, so there will be a limited window of opportunity. Mostly, they're meant to be something special for tournament attendees, though using sales to fund the prize table for the tournament is always appreciated!

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