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Salute, London


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Yep, we'll be there again supporting SMG. All help welcome as it was manic last year!

I'll post closer to the date once I've discussed the details with SMG, but feel free to volunteer in the meantime. On the other hand if you're just visiting the show we'll be real glad to see you.

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Plans are now firmly in place. Simple Miniature Games have booked a massive demo space alongside their stand (which will hopefully have the usual good deals).

The demo tables will be 6ft x 4ft of Old West town and the same size of Terraclips. A variety of basic demo crews of 12SS will be available.

Helping to run demos will be myself, Oshova, Ratty, Spiku & CunningStunt, plus I have space for one more - pm me if you are interested. Hopefully we'll be as busy as last year (though a chance to have a look round will also be welcome).

Hope to see some of you there.

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Yeah that was me.

Your the guy that got me hooked then :facepalm::facepalm: LOL

I'll be more than likely spending some more money at the stall .... and If my bring and buy stuff sells well, ill hopefully be spending even more than I planned :D

I'll certainly come over to you guys and say Hi

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I'll be down, as part of our club, running Cutlass over on GA16. It's a great looking board, especially by the two guys who knocked most of it up, in under two months.

If you need someone to help out for an hour or so, let me know, as apart from playing Pirates, and spending money, I am sure I could squeeze in some Malifaux promotion.

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Phew - home after a busy 28 hours (set up tables on Friday afternoon, followed by a number of drinks, then all day at the show).

Unlike last year there was a slow start, but there were regularly 4 demo games ongoing, plus discussions with those who bought their figures last year (and haven't played much yet) and those getting help on crew selection.

Only got to see about a third of the show, which limited spending to some Dulcote and some Malifaux avatars.

Thanks to Oshova, Ratty, Spiku, CunningStunt & Mike for running great demos - have a restful Sunday!

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Nice to see you guys there, and thanks esp. to Spiku for putting up with my rambling. No thanks at all to Simple Miniatures for their far-too-good-to-pass-up Puppet Wars deal - another Salute where my credit card went a bit melty round the edges through over-use! Damn them and their special offers :)

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