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Basing an Essence of Power


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Okay, so I have a bit of a head scratcher here. I'm currently working on an Essence of Power that is going to do double duty for both my Rasputina crew and my Kaeris crew. I'd like for it to fit in thematically with both of them, but I'm running into a problem with the base.

For Rasputina's crew's bases, I'm giving them a simple snowed-over ground basing (with a couple ice crystals on Rasputina's base).

For Kaeris' crew's bases, I'm doing a kind of mechanical base, like they're in a factory or something of the sort. Since I don't want to do a snowed-over factory floor (it seems silly to me), do you have any suggestions for a base that would work well with each theme?

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Two suggestions.

Can you throw a few bits of mechanical debris onto an ice base. So the base is outside, but still has the industrial link?

Also, can you tie the essence of power into the crews through colour?

Kaeris' flame doesn't have to be yellow. You could paint Kaeris' fire gamin and the essence of power with blue flames that could tie them in alongside the rest of Tinas crew.

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Considering the themes, Its not likely that you'll find a compromise between the two that doesn't look out of place.

You can get another EoP on ebay for $7.75. I would just base and paint up two. Magnetizing it is an option, but I'd rather dish out the extra few dollars and just avoid the hassle. As a bonus, you can paint them to match their respective crews (cold blue flames vs regular flames?).

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I'd do the magnetizing, but I'm absolute crap with magnets. Tried that sort of thing with my Coryphee before, and it just did not work out well.

That's because one of the duet is on tiptoes. Its hard to find somewhere for the magnet.

Its easy to create flames from Greenstuff. You could easily bury a magnet in some extra flames at the base of the Essence of Power.

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