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Movie Marine Rhino and Sergeant


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I finished my Movie Marines project recently with the last two entries.

First off, I needed a rhino to finish off the lot of them. I converted this rhino quite some time ago, but I always had a sort of block when it came to painting it up. Eventually, I realized that it was the static boxiness of the rhino mini- no matter how much you convert and add, it is tough to make it dynamic.

In order to remedy this, I decided to add a base. This mini is mounted on an old CD-ROM that we never care to see again.

Second, I threw together the sergeant mini- in part because I've done lots of this kind of freehand on projects for commissions, but I haven't done it for myself very much. The lion banner was in part because I felt it would go well as a sort of personal heraldry icon on him.

I put the Rhino up on Cmon for anyone who cares to vote.




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