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Zoraida vs Hamelin

Kael Hate

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What do you consider the best course of action?

A. Hex away Bully?

B. Hex away Voracious Rats?

C. Something else?

Last nights game I was stressed at the fact none of his own minions could be Obeyed into killing him and also that several of my figs including Juju sucumbed to the Stolen and could not hit Hammy either. I was stuck. Eventually I charged off enough rats and terrorfied a few off the table. So I could get a real fight. I hex'd away Voracious Rats and then Had the rats kill each other off. I didn't get the table wipe I ususally do but was able to achieve my schemes and deny his.

I think his mistakes let me get away with this approach.

What would you do?

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I don't think I'd want to get close enough to use Hex (since you can't conduit a master). Getting rid of the voracious rats on his catchers is a good idea since it makes them much less useful. Too bad the slaughter rats ability is a (0) or it'd be the perfect obey target :)

aZoraida is one heck of a combat caster, particularly with an Arcane Effigy backing her up.

Obviously I'm biased but I think my collodi vs Hamelin thread tells you what direction I'd go...

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