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tina newbie


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just getting into rasputina and i had an idea for a 35ss list. is this competitive? if not, what should i change. thanks in advance for the help



essence of power

december acolyte

2x silent ones

hoarcat pride

sabretooth cerebus

this leaves me with 4 ss, is it enuff?

i currently own:

raspy starter box





dec acolyte

2x silents

essence of power

thanks again

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Right there with you -- I'm a Raspy newbie trying to figure her out. A couple things I've read / noticed ...

1) The December Acolyte is generally considered an inferior choice. For the same points, Raspy can take Gunsmith -- a much better ranged option overall, more versatile and survivable.

2) Having one Ice Gamin with Tina is usually a good thing.

3) Tina likes to have Moar Soulstones.

So something like ...


+ Avatar

Essence of Power


Silent One

Ice Gamin x2

Sabertooth Cerebus

... would leave her with 3 unspent stones, or 7ss total at start of game. Use the Gamin for things like exploding shenannigans, cast through the Silent One, etc.

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I was going to say the same thing about the acolyte but in an avatar list it is a grave robber so makes sure the corps counters are left for her avatar form before she manifests, and as for the essence i would probably not take in an avatar lists as everything i read seems to say don't its a waste of points due to you sac it as the master manifests.

Not heard much good about the cat with Raspy, but i have no alternatives in mind, and i also agree with more stones, again not sure about the avatar, but raspy in general wants all the stones she can carry:)

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I find soul stone miner to be an effective melee model for Tina, particularly if you are already planning on taking Silent ones. Turn one you can grab a free soul stone and heal the miner back up with the silent ones. A single miner can hit deep into enemy territory without fear of retaliation as well. Overall it is a solid model.

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