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Riposte then Onslaught?


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If Lady J has cast Sword Style: Onslaught, can her Riposte Trigger be used to set off multiple attacks? They both use :masks I have to imagine that it wouldn't work, but wanted to run it by the forums first

I believe it does work. Here's why.

1. Opposed duel vs. a strike

2. declare riposte as a trigger

3. win the duel

4. make an attack due to riposte using your total from the previous duel

5. declare onslaught as a trigger

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No, you don't "make an attack" using riposte - you just use the cards as they lay. So there's no opportunity for using additional triggers


Mike is correct, with riposte you simply make a damage flip with any applicable positive or negative flips based upon the combat total of the duel in which Lady Justice was the defender. A new strike duel is not generated, so there is no new opportunity to declare triggers.

In addition, you already used that :masks to declare the Riposte Trigger. You can't use it again for a different trigger.

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